Emma Phillips born 1989 in Sorrento, Australia and currently 
lives and works in Melbourne, Australia...
Emma Phillips, Untitled (Denise and Diane twinning), 2018, gelatin silver print
, previous, next.
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Revealing a slightly skewed, soft and feminine gaze in her subjects of young women and men, as well as the domestic and interior spaces they engage with, the photographs by Melbourne-based Emma Phillips present as traditional, documentary-style recordings.                                                                   


From this position within the documentary canon the photographs — largely quotidian moments under the guise of the snapshot — continually turn inward and look at themselves, exposing a grander curiosity about collapsing and expanding ideas around seeing.                                                                 


Emma Phillips (b. 1989, Sorrento, Australia) received a BA from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia (2010) and an MFA from Hartford Art School, Hartford, Connecticut, USA (2017).  She lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.