Libraryman: A Selection from a Decade, Co-presented by Perimeter Books and ReadingRoom, 20 October–17 November, 2018
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Coinciding with the 10 th anniversary of Antwerp-based publishing house Libraryman, Perimeter Books and ReadingRoom co-present the exhibition Libraryman: A Selection from a Decade in celebration of one of the most innovative contemporary photobook publishers.

Founded in 2008 by Tony Cederteg, Libraryman is revered for its emphasis on high production values and an outstanding balance between form and content, placing the imprint as a leader in the new wave of photobook publishing.

Libraryman: A Selection from a Decade traces the imprint’s history and presents a range of key editions and prints from longtime Libraryman collaborators, including Gerry Johansson, Viviane Sassen, Landon Metz, Ron Jude, François Halard, Vincent Ferrané, Osamu Yokonami, Gunnar Smoliansky and Ola Rindal.

The exhibition brings together works that are nuanced, subtle, quiet – even eschewing hints of linear narrative. Many of the works included in the exhibition – which span limited edition prints, special edition books and more – are rare and have not been exhibited before.


Tony Cederteg (b. 1981, Sweden) is an independent art director, designer and publisher. He is the founder and creative director of Antwerp-based publishing imprint Libraryman.